Welcome to Sweet Surprise

Day Service / Respite / Work Prep / Work placement

Here at Sweet Surprise we provide quality work-place training for any people with learning difficulties in addition to our day servic
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n. We have links with local businesses and offer placements (with support if necessary) in those companies. We have 16 trainees currently out wo
We offer onsite training in our town centre sweet shop and café. We have courses in food safety, health and safety at work, mosaics, health beauty and haircare, basic literacy skills etc. We have a jewellery making session and sell our products in our second shop, together with hand-made cards, soaps and much much more. We are training to be bus buddies and we are using bus buddies!

We have worked with Yeovil District Hospital to help with disability awareness for Nursing Staff.

Everyone is fully supported by our staff on approximately a 3:1 ratio. Personal plans are created for each person. We wash and iron; we have an in-house tutor teaching hairdressing and beautician skills every week. We work at The Library and join in with all the Town’s Social activities during Ilminster Experience Week.

We have formed a partnership with Somerset Volunteers and we are now working with them on several Active Living projects by supplying volunteer staff. We have been asked to design the Leaving Card for Yarlington Homes, this has been done and it is now sent to every employee who leaves the Company.
We also work hard to ensure that everyone receives an opportunity to take part in activities outside the Enterprise.
We exist to enable, where possible, young people to work in gainful employment, if that is the common goal.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at office@sweet-surprise.org